Ber, Nikolay Dmitriyevich 27.dec.1860/8.jan.1861-17.mar.1926 Russia Smolensk, Pochinok - Yelnya
choirmaster, folksong collector, grew up in St Petersburg, 1881 studied law and 1883 history and philology at St Petersburg University, 1885-1889 studied at St Petersburg Conservatory, 1892-1916 choirmaster at the Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow, 1918-1926 founder/director of the Yelnya College of Music where he taught piano, singing and music theory ; nephew of Mikhail Glinka

Title Parts

[] On the death of Lenin. Symphony. 1924
[] (titles unknown). Romances
probably his arrangements of folksongs for voice and piano which were all lost in a fire at the family estate in Pochinok

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