Beran, Jan 7.apr.1959- Czechoslovakia, Prague
pianist, 1968 his family moved to Switzerland settling in Zurich, studied classical piano, studied music theory and composition with Hans Ulrich Lehmann and Arthur Godel at the University of Zurich, 1986 graduated with a doctorate in mathematics and physics from the ETH Zurich, since 1984 devoting himself to electronic music, 1994 professor of mathematics at Konstanz University

Title Parts

[] Piano concerto no2 "Santi". 1999
Jan Beran, Electronics. Col Legno 20062
[] 1 - Prarthana
[] 2 - Sunrise in Tiger Hill
[] 3 - Santi
[] Painted lady - Camberwell beauty - Adonis blue - Capriccio. Piano
Jan Beran. Vienna Modern Masters 2049

[] Mist covered mountains. Piano and oboe
Jan Beran, Christopher Raphael. Vienna Modern Masters 2049

[] Winter. Piano
Jan Beran. Vienna Modern Masters 2049

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