Berardinelli, Nicola Orlando 6.dec.1892-29.jan.1979 Italy Abruzzo, Castel di Sangro - USA California, San Diego La Mesa
tenor/baritone operatic singer, cornetist, 3.mar.1910 emigrated to the USA, settling in Chicago Illinois, 4.oct.1928 naturalized American, singer and conductor of the Illinois Opera Company, the Conti Light Opera Company and the Chicago Popular Opera Company, he taught at the Chicago Conservatory and the Chicago School of Music, teacher and director of the Berardinelli Music School Chicago, 17.apr.1956 in Chicago he patended a 'pattern for coat button placement' and 26.nov.1957 for a 'buttonhole positioner' ; he married musician/composer Valia Nastri (Chicago 3.aug.1908-3.feb.1996 La Mesa) ; daughter Zerlina Teresa (Chicago 16.feb.1933-29.apr.2009 La Mesa)

Title Parts

[] Ave Maria
copyright Nicola Berardinelli, Chicago 2apr1947

[] Rosinella
words Giuseppe d'Araio, music Nicola Berardinelli
copyright Nicola Berardinelli 28mar1975

[] Songs
words Tillie Baker and others, music Nicola Berardinelli
copyright Nicola Berardinelli 1975 and music to 11 songs 9nov1976

writing: Secrets of singing. An encyclopedia of voice. Maestro Nicola Berardinelli
printed by El Cajon Printing Co.
pub Nicola Berardinelli, La Mesa, California 16dec1971

[] Onward America. Song
copyright Mrs. Nicola Berardinelli, Chicago 21feb1944

[] Funtime in tunetime, fun pieces for piano. Books 1, 2 & 3. By Valia Berardinelli
copyright Valia Berardinelli 23may1975

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