Berestov, Nikolay Savelyevich 9.jul.1932-13.jul.2010 Russia Buryatia, Kabansk - Siberia, Yakutsk
accordionist, pianist, folksong collector, 1954-1958 studied composition at the Music College in Alma Ata, 1959-1964 studied at Ural Conservatory, since 1964 he lived in Yakutsk where he made extensive study and recordings of folklore music, dance and instruments, popularizing Yakut music in the whole of Russia and abroad, 1979-1989 director of the Union of Composers of Yakutsk

Title Parts

[] Festival. Song. Soprano and piano
words Klipchin
Albina Borisova, Aiza Reshetnikova

[] Cantata Pugachevschina. 1964
[] The lights of the gray-haired Vilyuya. Oratorio. 1971
[] The unquenchable flame. Opera. 1974
[] Northern landscapes. Piano. 1974
[] Trumpet concerto. 1982
[] White birds of the Yakut summer. Ballet. 1985
[] Mongolian rhapsody. Orchestra of Yakut folk instruments. 1985
[] The Legend of Khomus. 1987
[] Holiday in the Olerinsk Tundra. Piano. 1993
[] Piano concerto. 1994
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