Berg, Georg (George) c1730-apr.1775 Germany, ? - England, London St Pancras
organist, violinist, 1762-1775 organist of St Mary-at-Hill in London, 5.jun.1763 member of the Royal Society of Musicians, 1771 member of the London Society for the Encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce, 22.mar.1775 he made his will which was proved 4.may.1775, he left a large library of music, art and chemistry manuscripts and a large collection of art, 8.mar.1776 his extensive music library by the most eminent composers was sold by Christie's

Title Parts

[] Six concertos in seven parts for four violins, one alto viola, a violoncello, and a thorough bass for the harpsichord. op1
pub J. Johnson, London 1755

[] Twelve sonatinas or easy lessons for the harsichord, chiefly intended for the improvement of young practitioners composed in various styles. op3
pub J. Johnson, London 1759

[] Ten sonatas for the harpsichord or pianoforte. op7
pub Mrs. Johnson, London 1768

[] Si beviam vezzosa. Glee. Choir. 1765
[] Duos for 2 horns. First set. pub1770
in a catalogue of Preston, London 1797
[Fetis: under Berg without first name]

[] Hosanna in excelsis in G. Canon. Soprano, alto, tenor and bass
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