Berg, Lily (fem) c1900-19?? Hungary, ? - ?, ?
pianist, 1920/1925 studied with Bela Bartok, Hans Koessler and Leo Weiner at the Budapest Academy of Music, music teacher at the Fodor Music School in Budapest, she gave concerts in Hungary and on foreign radio stations, 1933 in Paris she gave the first full evening Bartok concert with Bartok presenting the concert, 1941 she was awarded a prize for performance or composition, April 1941 she contributed an article 'Der sechzigjahrige Bela Bartok' to the journal Ungarn Monatschrift fur deutsch-ungarischen kulturaustausch

Title Parts

[] Piano concerto
Budapester Sinfonie-Orchester / Erno Unger, Budapest 1925

[] Suite. Piano and orchestra
[] String trio
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