Bergerhoff, Johann Hermann (Bergerhof, Johan Herman) 25.sep.1802-1884 Germany Westfalen, Mengede - Netherlands, Rotterdam
pianist, organist, choirmaster, 1849-1852 organist of the H. H. Ewalden kerk in Druten Netherlands, 12.jun.1849 he founded the male choir Zangvereniging Orpheus in Druten, 17.dec.1851 he became naturalized Dutch, 1860 organist of the Rooms-Catholieke kerk aan de Wijnhaven in Rotterdam, 1864 as Muzijkmeester (choirmaster) and private teacher piano and singing he moved within Rotterdam from Groote Kipstraat to Den Oppert no.207, three months later that year he moved to Houttuin no.164, September 1884 his heritage was registered in Rotterdam so he had died that year or earlier

Title Parts

[] Missa terzia. 4 Vocibus humanis comitante organo. op3
pub Arnold, Wuppertal Elberfeld 1854
performed with the composer at the organ in a memorial service for general Georges de Pimodan at the Rooms-Catholieke kerk aan de Wijnhaven, Rotterdam 29oct1860

[] Messe in E flat. 2 Tenors, 2 basses, male choir and organ or violone and cello. op3
arranged with string quartet Dominik Herzog, choirmaster in Munster Germany, a1854
ms Stift St Michael Beromunster, Switzerland

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