Bergersen, Marie Christine (fem) 15.may.1894-29.nov.1989 USA Illinois, Chicago - NY, Binghamton
pianist, from the age of 3 received daily piano lessons from Louise Robyn in Chicago, 1912-1914 studied piano with Leopold Godowsky at the Imperial Conservatory in Vienna returning to the USA on the onset of WWI, studied composition with Adolf Weidig at the American Conservatory Chicago, 1917-1923 gave concerts on the electromagnetic instrument 'choralcelo' in Chicago and New York, 1930-1954 pianist on radio in New York City also in duo with Mabel Stapleton, 1930 residing in Rockville Center NY, 1942 residing in Chicago where her husband was employed with Continental Music Co., 1942-1951 organist and staff composer for NBC in Chicago, 1954 she retired and 1956 visited England with her daughter Edit staying at the Imperial Hotel London ; daughter of lawyer Louis Bernhard Bergersen (Norway, Christiania 13.jul.1862-6.feb.1916 Chicago) and Mary Letitia Cox (Missouri, Bucklin 8.apr.1858-3.mar.1908 Chicago) ; 24.mar.1917 she married music teacher Albert Raymon Borroff (Chicago 17.may.1892-1953 Florida, Pinellas) ; mother of composer/musicologist Edith Borroff (New York City 2.aug.1925-)

Title Parts

[] Three silhouettes. Piano. 1911. op1
published as Marie Bergersen, Clayton F. Summy Co., Chicago 1912

[] Theme and variations. Piano. 1912
performed at the American Bicentennial Celebration, Washington DC 1977

[] String quartet
[] Piano trio
[] Piano suite [] 1 - Molto moderato in c
[] 2 - Allegretto ma piacere in c sharp
[] 3 - Vivace in e
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