Bergh, Arthur Oscar 24.mar.1882-11.feb.1962 USA Minnesota, St Paul - died aboard the SS President Cleveland from San Francisco to Honolulu
violinist, conductor, 1901 violinist of the Minneapolis Symphony Orchestra, 1903-1909 violinist of the New York Symphony Orchestra and the Metropolitan Opera House Orchestra New York, 1911-1914 conductor of municipal concerts in New York City, 1915-1931 music supervisor for Emerson, Okeh and Columbia phonograph companies, 1931-1934 director for radio advertising agencies Young & Rubicam and Lennen & Mitchell, taught violin, harmony and composition at the New York Institute of Music, lectured on American music, secretary of the American Music Society, member of the Musicians Club of New York, 1918 residing at 200 West 54th Street and 1931 at 480 Park Avenue New York, 1941 librarian for Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Motion Pictures in Culver City California, 1941-1962 residing in Los Angeles ; son of machinist Ole O Bergh (Norway 27.oct.1845-23.nov.1917 St Paul) and Pernilla Petersen (Norway, Haaland 18.mar.1855-5.jan.1931 St Paul) ; 25.apr.1911 in New York he married actress Geraldyne Brewer (Virginia, Richmond 20.jun.1888-20.nov.1980 Los Angeles) 2.aug.1907-5.jul.1910 married to Phillip F Peck and 3.dec.1965 to judge McIntyre Faries ; daughter Geraldine Pernilla Bergh (Manhattan 17.feb.1917-25.jun.1975 New Haven)

Title Parts

[] 2 Pieces for violin and piano. op8
[] 4 Piano pieces. op10
[] 4 Piano pieces. op14
[] 3 Pieces for violin and piano. 1913. op15 [] 1 - Evening, a reverie
[] 2 - Meditation in A flat
[] 3 - Serenade coquette
[] 4 Tone pastels. Piano. 1915. op17
[] The Raven. Melodrama. 1908. op20
words Edgar Allan Poe
conducted the first performance with orchestra and David Bispham as reader at Carnegie Hall, New York 1909

[] The Pied Piper of Hamelin. Melodrama. 1914. op23
words Robert Browning

[] In Arcady. Operetta. 1924
[] Honor and glory. Overture. 1938. op30
[] Destiny. Song. 1938
[] The imprisoned soul. Song. 1939
words Walt Whitman

[] Come with arms outstretched. 1941
words Sara Teasdale

[] The unnamed city. Symphonic chorale
[] Festival march. Orch
[] Orientale. Piano
[] Legend. Piano
[] Jollity. Piano
[] Pack, clouds away. Song
[] Together. Song
[] Thou art my rest. Song
[] A la zingara. Violin and piano
[] There is an hour of hallowed peace. Anthem. Choir
[] The night rider. Song with orchestra
[] Ave Maria
[] Deep river
[] American guard. Band
[] Pledge of allegiance. Orch
[] The flag is passing by. Choir
[] Blow wind, blow, hats off. Choir
[] Mellican men. Choir
[] The gardener's cat. Choir
[] Barcarolle in D flat. Piano
[] Channel winds. Piano
[] Kissing her hair. Song
[] Thank thee Lord. Song
[] Return unto thy rest. Song
[] O Captain, my Captain. Song
[] The master is coming
[] How beautiful is night. Female choir
[] Blow, blow thou wintry wind. Choir
[] The Congo. Melodrama. Song cycle
[] Rhapsody. Incidental music
[] Love's call. Incidental music. 38th Street Theatre, New York 5sep1925
play by Joe Byron Totton

[] The goblin fair. Operetta
[] Niorada. Opera
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