Berghout, Theo 4.jun.1906-14.feb.1958 Netherlands, Rotterdam - Bloemendaal
violinist, at time of death he resided in Rheden where he was violin teacher in nearby Velp, he died at 15:15 in Bloemendaal during a visit to his father at a retirement home in Santpoort ; son of Johannes ; brother of Henk

Title Parts

[] Aandacht. Violin and piano. 1929
[] Scene humoristique "Le Voltigeur". Violin and piano. 1937. op17
[] Les Sorcieres. Variations on the G-string. Violin. 1942
[] Improvisation. Violin. 1943
[] Contemplation. Violin. 1946
[] The holy night. Idyl. Violin. 1946
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