Bergmann (Bergman), Stefan (pseud: Steven Hillman) 24.aug.1903-a1964 Austria, Voslau - Netherlands, ?Blaricum
pianist, studied piano in Vienna, 1.dec.1922 with Fritz Lilienthal (violin) and Walter Kleinecke (cello) he performed Rachmaninov's Trio Elegiac in Vienna, 1926-1939 mainly residing in the Netherlands interrupted by concert tours to London, Paris, Berlin, Vienna, Madrid etc., 1948 settled permanently in the Netherlands, 27.oct.1926 played Beethoven's fifth piano concerto at Tivoli in Utrecht, 28.feb.1927 gave a Fantasien-avond at the Volkuniversiteit Naarden-Bussum, 27.sep.1927 played at the Hof van Holland in Hilversum, 27.may.1928 played with the Omroeporkest broadcasted by Radio Hilversum, 28.nov.1928 gave a concert for the Vereeniging voor Kamermuziek in Helmond, 5.feb.1929 played Beethoven's fifth at the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam, 9.dec.1929 gave a piano evening at Gebouw Kunsten en Wetenschappen in Rotterdam, after 3 years in Vienna he returned to the Netherlands and gave 6 piano evenings 10/24.apr.1931 at Pulchri in Den Haag and the Muziek-Lyceum in Amsterdam, 1932 performed Brahms second piano concerto with the Berlin Philharmonic under George Szell, the season 1932/1933 he toured Italy, 25.dec.1933 he formed the Concertgebouw-Trio with Louis Zimmermann (violin) and Marix Loevensohn (cello) performing all the Beethoven trios, 4.feb.1934 played Brahms piano concerto no.2 with the Concertgebouworkest under Pierre Monteux in Amsterdam, 7.oct.1938 gave a piano evening at the Concertgebouw Amsterdam, 27.mar.1939 after an absence of several years from the Netherlands (1935-1936 he was in England) he gave a concert at the Concertgebouw Amsterdam and 6.apr.1939 at Diligentia in Den Haag, 1.may.1946 appointed professor of masterclasses in piano at the Grand-Conservatory in Panama, 1948 he settled in Blaricum Netherlands, 5.jul.1949 performed Tchaikovsky's piano concerto with the Groninger Orkest Vereniging in Assen, 3/11.dec.1959 performed in four concerts at the Free Trade Hall Manchester and the City Hall Sheffield in honor of the 60th birthday of John Barbirolli with the Halle Orchestra, 29.oct.1962 performed in a broadcast on Radio Hilversum of Tchaikovsky's piano concerto no.3 opus 75/79 with the Radio PO under Leskovic, until 1962 he was a very frequent and successful concert pianist throughout the Netherlands and abroad but after 1962 suddenly nothing is heard of him anymore, 1963 he may have joined the Radio PO because 18.apr.1964 he appeared in a broadcast on Radio Hilversum with the Radio PO

Title Parts

[] Polka caprice. Piano. 1935. op1/3
Eileen Joyce. r1938. Testament 1174

[] Himmelgesang (Celestial song). Piano. 1935. op2/1
Eileen Joyce. r1938. Testament 1174

[] Three caprices. Piano. op1
pub Universal Music Agencies, London 21sep1935
[] 1 - Hommage a Vienne
[] 2 - Tango-caprice
[] 3 - Polka-caprice
[] Himmelsgesange (Celestial songs). Piano. op2
pub Universal Music Agencies, London 26sep1935
[] 1 - Himmelsgesang 1
[] 2 - Himmelsgesang 2
[] 3 - Himmelsgesang 3
[] Irmelin rose. Satire. Song. Baritone and piano. op3/1
dedication: To Hugh Randall Stevens
words from the Danish by J. P. Jacobsen
pub Universal Music Agencies, London 3oct1935

[] A sigh. Song. Baritone and piano. op3/3
dedication: To Hugh Randall Stevens
words Jean Michaud
pub Universal Music Agencies, London 6nov1935

[] Triaden. Maskerade. Piano. op4/1
pub Universal Music Agencies, London 1dec1936

[] Summer in Spain. Tango fox-trot
words Pierre Lafleur, music Steven Hillman
pub Ascherberg, Hopwood & Crew Ltd., London 9jun1936

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