Bergunker, Max 3.mar.1885-8.jul.1969 Russia Ukraine, Nikolaev - USA NY, Brooklyn
15.jan.1924 emigrated to the USA where he settled as musician in Brooklyn, shortly boarding at the home of the musicians Herbert and Alexander Kaminker at Ocean View Avenue in Brooklyn, 16.jul.1929 he and his wife became naturalized American, 1929 residing at 3126 Coney Island Avenue Brooklyn, 1942 unemployed and residing at 3115 Brighton 6th Street Brooklyn ; 1908 in the Ukraine he married Jennie (Nikolaev 20.sep.1888-9.dec.1950 Brooklyn)

Title Parts

[] The Patriot. Film score
music with Domenico Savino and Gerard Carbonaro
pub Famous Music Corp., New York 1928

[] The shopworn angel. Film score. 1928
[] Dangerous Nan McGrew. Film score. 1930
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