Berkenhead (err: Birkenhead), John Latham 14.nov.1765-[20.oct.1810] England, Liverpool - [USA Rhode Island, Newport]
blind organist, pianist, music teacher, 27.nov.1765 baptized at St Nicholas in Liverpool, 1794 as Doctor and 'young man' emigrated to the USA, 6.jan.1795 gave a concert at Universal Meeting House in Boston Massachusetts, 1795-1798 concert harpsichordist in Boston, Salem and nearby New England towns, 1796-1804 organist of Trinity Church in Newport Rhode Island, on his way to the church he used to pass by his friend the schoolmaster John Frazer enjoying excellent Scotch whiskey, after one of these visits the clerk Joseph Dyer called out from the desk 'Mr. Birkenhead you are playing a wrong tune', where upon he called the clerk a liar, the vestry shocked by this reply, added the provisio to his next contract that his tenure of office was to exist 'during good behavior and punctual attendance', 15.jan.1798 Dr. Berkenhead and company (the singers Mrs. Berkenhead and Mrs. and Mr. T Spencer) gave a concert at Warren's Tavern in Cambridge and 21.feb.1798 at Washington Hall in Salem, 1798 as organist and music teacher with home or studio at Prince Street Boston, one of his piano and organ students was the blind Oliver Shaw (1779-1848), 20.oct.1810 the death of a Berkenhead without first name was recorded at Trinity Church Newport so looks like the death of a stillborn child ; brother of Thomas Berkenhead (Liverpool 29.jan.1767-), 1796 music teacher in Newport Rhode Island ; 7.apr.1795 in Boston Charlestown he married singer Mary Day ; in 1800 Newport they had 2 daughters

Title Parts

[] Demolition of the bastille (1896 renamed Abolition of the bastille). Piano or harpsichord
performed by John Berkenhead at all his concerts ao Boston 28apr1795

[] Carelia song. New Theatre, Salem 23apr1895
[] Lesson on the pianoforte. New Theatre, Salem 23apr1895
[] Grand lesson on the pianoforte. New Theatre, Salem 23apr1895
[] Grand concerto on the piano forte. Concert Hall, Salem 18jun1895
[] 2 Songs, composed by Dr. Berkenhead
Miss Maxwell. Bowen's Hall, head of the Mall, Boston 25feb1896

[] Solo on the grand piano forte, composed by Dr. Berkenhead. Bowen's Columbian Museum, Boston 23may1896
[] Voluntary. Universal Meeting House, Boston 31mar1896
[] A Hymn-Music. Universal Meeting House, Boston 31mar1896
[] Sonata in C "Dr. Berkenhead's Sonata". Harpsichord
ms Newberry Library, Chicago

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