Berlin, Aleksandr Abramovich 25.aug.1930-23.jun.1991 Russia Uzbekistan, Tashkent - ?, ?
 1954 graduated in piano with Sh. I. Rokhlina and composition with Boris Nadezhdin from Tashkent Conservatory, 1954 conductor at the Drama Theater Maxim Gorky in Tashkent, 1960 secretary of the Union of Composers of the Uzbek SSR, 1964 deputy chief of the Arts Department of the Ministry of Culture of the Uzbek SSR, 1971 teacher composition at Tashkent Conservatory, later active in Moscow

Title Parts

[] Fairy tales of the king's square. Childrens opera
libretto Igor Markov, based on Hans Christian Andersen

[] Sonata. Piano. 1951
[] Be glorious, Fatherland!. Cantata. Soloist, choir and orchestra. 1955
words G. Sannikova

[] Prelude. Piano. 1956
[] Festive overture. Orchestra. 1958
[] Scherzo. Orchestra. 1961
[] Sonatina. Piano. 1964
[] Concert suite. Bayan and orchestra. 1965
[] The sun is walking. Cycle of songs for children. 1965
words E. Avdienko

[] On the day of the wedding. Opera. Tashkent 1967
[] Concerto for a gigak and orchestra. 1968
[] Ballad of the War cycle. Soloists and orchestra. 1968
[] Soldier's memory. Ballad. Soloists and orchestra. 1970
words S. Orlov

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