Berman Harris, Ruth (fem) 3.nov.1916-23.apr.2013 USA Connecticut, New Haven - Arizona, Peoria
jazz and classical harpist, 1934-1937 studied at the Juilliard School New York, 1978-1981 at Purchase College State University New York, 1929-1942 studied harp with Marie Miller, Carlos Salzedo, Lucille Lawrence and Casper Reardon, 1978-1981 composition with Ronald Herder, 1938-1942 harpist with NBC radio and tv, 1942-1950 harpist with CBS, 1950-1953 staff harpist with ABC, 1953-1982 harpist with NBC, CBS and ABC tv, 1969 teacher harp at Westchester Music Conservatory, music teacher at the Hoff-Barthelson Music School in Scarsdale NY, member of the American Harp Society, International League of Women Composers, 1981 Music Teachers Council Westchester, 1983-1985 vice president and 1985 president of the Forum for Composers, proprietor of her own publishing company Sumark Press, 1983-2009 residing in White Plains NY, 2009 moved with daughter Susan to Glendale Arizona ; daughter of restaurant owner Benjamin Berman (Russia 12.apr.1885-16.dec.1964 New Haven) and Pauline Muriel Siegel (New York 18.sep.1891-6.mar.1983 New Haven) ; 6.oct.1946 in New York she married attorney Sydney Harris (New York 20.nov.1906-12.oct.1989 White Plains)

Title Parts

[] Miniatures I, II, III. Harp and Cello and harp. 1978
[] String quartet. 1982
[] Passacaglia. 2 Pianos. 1982
[] Winter. Flute, clarinet and harp. 1982
[] Woodwind quintet. 1984
[] Requiem for Mark Sumner Harris. Voice and chamber orchestra. 1984
for her son Mark Sumner Harris (New York 1sep1948-19jan1980 White Plains) who died in a car accident
[] 1 - Prelude
[] 2 - Lament
[] 3 - Prayer
[] 4 - Night song
[] Ode to Brandoria. Harp
[] Prayer. Voice and harp
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