Bermel, Derek Albert 14.oct.1967- USA NY, New Rochelle
clarinetist, BA from Yale University, studied composition with William Bolcom and William Albright at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, with Louis Andriessen in Amsterdam, with Henri Dutilleux at Tanglewood, studied ethnomusicology with Andre Hajdu in Jerusalem, Thracian folk music with Nikola Iliev in Bulgaria, caxixi with Julio Goes in Brazil, Lobi xylophone with Ngmen Baaru in Ghana

Title Parts

Voices. Clarinet and orchestra. 2002
Derek Bermel, BBC SO / Jac van Steen
[L] 1
[L] 3
[] 3 Funk studies. Piano. 1991
Jonathan Faiman. Musicians Showcase 113098

[] Dodecaphunk. Piano. 1992
Jonathan Faiman. Musicians Showcase 113098

[] String quartet. 1992
[] Thracian echoes. Orchestra. 2002
[] The ends. Orchestra. 2002
[] In Tangle. Chamber ensemble. 2005
[] Twin trio. Flute, clarinet, and piano. 2005
[] Passing through. String quartet. 2007
[] The good life. Soprano, baritone, choir and orchestra. 2008
[] Mar de Setembro. Mezzosoprano and chamber orchestra. 2011
2002-10-27 14:53:56