Bernard, Anthony Alan (ne Butler, Alan Charles) 28.dec.1890-6.apr.1963 England, London West Ham - London Kensington
pianist, organist, conductor, 1913 organist/choirmaster of the Birmingham Oratory, 1915 of the Jesuit Church Farm Street in London Mayfair, 15.jul.1919 he legally changed his name to Anthony Alan Bernard, 1921 founder/conductor of the London Chamber Orchestra, 1922 teacher composition and conducting at the Royal College of Music, 1924-1925 conductor of the British National Opera Company, 1932-1942 musical director of the Shakespeare Memorial Theatre in Stratford on Avon ; son of coal merchant Alfred Charles Butler (London Poplar 28.nov.1865-) and music teacher Rosetta Ann Casselden (London Bromley 13.aug.1871-) who married 21.sep.1887 and separated before the birth of Alan ; from birth he was raised by his mother and composer Thomas Bidgood (Kent, Woolwich 7.oct.1858-1.mar.1925 London Tottenham) who had a relation from 1890 and lived unmarried as husband and wife from c1905 ; 2.aug.1919 in London Chelsea he married Marie Augustine Jourdan (France 1.jun.1883-6.jul.1973 London), divorced ; 31.jul.1950 in London Kensington he married Mary Catherine Beattie (Lancashire, St Helens 1.mar.1905-1996 Carlisle)

[Grove 1980 gives erroneously born 25.jan.1891]

Title Parts

[] Prelude on Rorate coeli. Organ. 1916
[] Aucassin et Nicolette. Petite suite. Violin and piano. 1917
[] Variations on a Hill tune. Piano. 1920
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