Bernard, Vincenzia (fem) 1840-?? Germany Mahren, Krischanovitz (now Czechoslovakia, Kristanovice) - ?, ?
organist, pianist, received her first musical education from her father a village teacher and organist in Krischanovitz, her father died when she was fifteen years old whereafter she was obliged to make a living as organist and piano teacher in Austerlitz (now Slavkov u Brna), later she became one of the most sought-after professors in Brunn (now Brno)

Title Parts

[] (titles unknown). Piano pieces
? some or all in Hilfsbuch beim Klavierunterricht - Notenbeispiele

[] Hilfsbuch beim Clavier-Unterricht, in III Abtheilungen
pub Perles, Vienna 1881
2 - Notenbeispiele
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