Bernardi (Bernhard), Franz 1767-18.oct.1812 Austria Unterosterreich, ? - Austria, Vienna
flutist, 1785 actor at the theatre, actor at the Brunner Nationaltheater in Brunn (Brno), by 1795 in Brunn he had become flutist without formal study, 1798-1800 active as cavalier in the army, around 1799 he performed several times as flutist in Riga, from 1805 for several years first flutist at the Hoftheater (Imperial Theatre) in Vienna

Title Parts

[] Flute concerto. op1
[] Variationen. Flute
performed by the composer at the Academy in Brunn 1795

[] 7 Sets of variations on various themes. Flute
mentioned in the Leipziger Zeitung 1814

[] 12 Variations pour la flute seule. op7
published Vienna ?1820
ms The British Library, St Pancras London

[] Quartet in D. Flute, violin, viola and cello
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