Bernshtein (Bernstein) (aka Barnea), Aviassaph (Aviassaf) 25.jan.1902-4.dec.1957 Lithuania, Vilna (Vilnius) - Israel, Haifa
pianist, piano teacher, in Vilnius he won the Mendelssohn prize, 1935 emigrated to Israel, settling in Haifa, teacher piano at the Haifa Conservatory, he won the 1st prize of the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra and twice the Kol Israel prizes, he published several books for teaching piano playing ; son of composer Abraham Bernshtein

Title Parts

[] Ahavat olam. Mixed choir
music Aviassaf Bernstein (Barnea)
commissioned by and premiered at the Park Avenue Synagogue in New York City 20may1949
pub Israeli Music Publ., Tel Aviv 1949

[] Shiv'ah shirim l'makhalah me-urvas (Seven songs for mixed chorus). Mixed choir and piano
pub Merkaz L'tarbuth, Tel Aviv 1949

[] Israeli suite. Orchestra
music Aviassaf Barnea
pub Leeds Music Corp., Haifa 1952
[] 1 - Prelude
[] 2 - Landscape
[] 3 - Dance
[] 4 - Nocturne
[] 5 - Finale
[] Piano trio
Altenberg Trio Wien

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