Bernstein, Walter Heinz 25.feb.1922-3.feb.2014 Germany, Leipzig - Lindenberg im Allgau
harpsichordist, organist, arranger, cantor, 1948 in Hamburg Wellingsbuttel, 1950 in Ravensburg, conductor of the Bachchor Ravensburg, 1956 cantor at the Friedenskirche and 1960 at the St Petrikirche in Leipzig, 1985 in Lindenberg im Allgau

Title Parts

[] Breviarium Lipsiensae. Tagzeitengebete (Leipzig Breviary. Prayer of the times of the day)
edited 1988 by Walter Heinz Bernstein for the Evangelisch-Lutherische Gebetsbruderschaft (Evangelical Lutheran Prayer Brotherhood)
based on the Alpirsbacher Antiphonale, started by Friedrich Buchholz (1902-1967), the Evangelisch-Lutherische Gebetsbruderschaft created a complete Kirchenjahreszyklus (Church year cycle) from Buchholz' material with additions by Erhardt Paul and Walter Heinz Bernstein
[] Containing a lectionary (reading the New Testament twice a year and the Old Testament once every two years), the ordinary of the hours (four hours per day: Lauds, Sext, Vespers, Compline, all with melismatic responsories), canticles, the entire Psalter and many canticles from the Old Testament and Apocrypha, an Antiphonary (four-week Psalter cycle), the Seasonal Propers (keyed to the historic one-year series) and Saint's Day Propers (John the Baptist, three feasts of Mary, St Michael, All Saints, Apostles) for the Lutheran Church year, Gregorian settings of the Athanasian Creed, the seven penitential Psalms with the Litany, the Itinerarium and a prayer for the Church
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