Berridge, Arthur 14.jul.1855-9.oct.1932 England, London St Pancras - London Marylebone
organist, choirmaster, born at 2 College Terrace, 1890 organist/choirmaster of Highbury Hill Church, for 25 years of Westbourne Gardens (Grove) Baptist Church, 1895 his compositional output began to grow rapidly, 1900 active as private teacher of music, 1904-1932 secretary of the Nonconformist Choir Union, he died at Middlesex Hospital in Marylebone while residing at 151 Chamberlayne Road in London Willesden ; son of warehouseman/bootmaker Edward George Berridge (1821-12.jan.1876 Pancras) and Jane Winn (Kent, Tunbridge 15.aug.1824-1881 Pancras) ; 1879 he married Mary Hannah Pledger (Pancras 10.may.1854-22.may.1926) ; of six children their son music publisher Arthur Henry died aged 35 in war action 30.aug.1918 in France ; 1926 he married Amy Florence Rogers (Kensington 1881-13.apr.1946 London Willesden)

Title Parts

[] My Queen. Gavotte for the piano forte
pub J. Guest, London 1884

[] St Alban's march. Piano
[St Alban's Anglican Church in Copenhagen, Denmark]
pub Osborn & Tuckwood, London 1887

[] Harvest-Time. Rondo for the pianoforte
pub Hutchings & Co., London 1889

[] Go lovely rose. Four-part song
pub Novello & Co., London 1894

[] Every sweet with sour is tempered. Partsong
won a composition prize at the Nonconformist Choir Union Festival 1896

[] All things praise the Lord most high. Anthem. 1911
[] All the year is crowned with gladness. Anthem. 1913
[] Worthy is the lamb. Anthem. 1913
[] Like as a Father. Anthem. Anthem. 1916
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