Berry, Everard Haynes 2.oct.1900-3.jul.1982 England Derbyshire, Chesterfield Wingfield - Nottinghamshire, Nottingham Sherwood
pianist, Licentiate Royal Academy of Music (LRAM), Associate Royal College of Music (ARCM), piano teacher in Nottingham, 1934-1982 residing at 58 Burlington Road in Nottingham Sherwood ; son of master builder employer John Berry (Chesterfield Tupton 1871-) and Edith Adelaide Haynes (Chesterfield Wingfield 2.jul.1876-19.mar.1963 Nottingham) ; 1931 in Nottingham he married composer Ida Sargent ; daughter pianist/music teacher Gillian Shelagh Sargent Berry (Nottingham 1932-)

Title Parts

[] Andante. Piano quartet. b1934
[] Three pieces for violin, viola and piano. b1934
[] Three pieces for speaking voices. b1934
[] Two compositions for organ and orchestra. b1934
[] Variations for 2 pianos. b1934
[] Folksong studies for harp, 2 violins, viola and cello. b1934
[] Folksong prelude for piano, 2 violins and cello. b1934
[] Piano quintet. 1938/1949
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