Berryman, Cecil Wells 21.apr.1888-11.mar.1960 USA Nebraska, Central City - Omaha
pianist, teacher, 1895-1902 studied piano with his mother in Omaha, 1902-1910 with August Borglum in Omaha, 1911 studied piano, composition and theory with Wager Swayne and Emile Schwartz at the Conservatoire Nationale de Paris, 1920-1929 with Rudolph Ganz in Denver and Kansas City, 1905-1960 teacher piano and music theory with private studios in Omaha, 1907 first lieutenant in the Omaha Central High School Band, 1916-1918 music critic for the Omaha Nebraskan, 1921 won a Musical Observer award, 1916-1960 residing at 5018 Izard Street Omaha, head piano and theory department at the University of Omaha, 1942-1960 with his wife he founded the Berryman Piano Conservatoire in Omaha, 1950 at 206 Lyric Building, wrote articles for Etude and Musical Observer, president of the Omaha Clef Club and the Nebraska State Music Teachers Association, director of the Omaha Music Teachers Association ; son of Edward Price Berryman (Kentucky, Hartford 22.apr.1862-10.dec.1924 Omaha) and pianist/piano teacher Daisy Wells (Wisconsin, Janesville 18.nov.1865-26.jul.1954 Nebraska, Plattsmouth) ; 19.dec.1916 in Omaha he married composer Alice Davis ; sons composer Edward Davis (Omaha 8.feb.1920-), pianist/organist Warren (Omaha 24.feb.1922-) and pianist/organist Rudolph Barton (Omaha 25.feb.1929-)

Title Parts

[] Four songs
in Hinds Hayden Eldridge's Progressive songs for public schools. 1923

[] Scherzo. Piano
pub Bendix Publishing Co., Lincoln. 1930

[] Piano concerto
[] Violin sonata
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