Berryman, Edward Davis 8.feb.1920-22.aug.2008 USA Nebraska, Omaha - Minnesota, Minneapolis
organist, pianist, choirmaster, professor of music, studied piano with his parents, organ with J H Sims at All Saints Episcopal Church in Omaha, 1942 BA from the University of Omaha, studied organ with Arthur Jennings at the University of Minnesota, 1943-1959 taught at the University of Minnesota, 1950 MA from the University of Minnesota, 1950-1959 organist/choirmaster of St Mark Episcopal Cathedral Minneapolis, 1959-1962 SMD with Robert Baker from the Union Theological Seminary in New York City, 1962-1987 organist/choirmaster of Westminster Presbyterian Church Minneapolis, 1965-1985 taught at Macalester College in St Paul, 1976-1991 at Northwestern College, 1986 residing in Minneapolis, 1993-2002 in Minneapolis Wayzata ; son of composer Cecil Wells Berryman and composer Alice Davis Berryman ; 1956 he married Gladys Ethel Reynolds (Nebraska 19.sep.1904-2.dec.1991 Minneapolis) ; 16.may.1992 in Minneapolis he married Maria Elsie Galin Sandness (Minneapolis 1.may.1921-26.feb.2011 Minneapolis)

Title Parts

[] Fanfare. Organ. 1957
[] Parousia. Songs and music
original composition by Edward D. Berryman
dissertation: Thesis SMD. Union Theological Seminary, New York City
published New York City 1962

[] Polychrome I. Organ
Edward Berryman at Fisk organ House of Hope Presbyterian Church, St Paul. rec1993. Pipedreams 2020

[] Sonatina. Organ
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