Bertheaume (Berthaume), Julien [Fetis: Isidore] 1751-20.mar.1802 France, Paris - Russia, St Petersburg
violinist, studied violin with his nephew Jacques Lemiere, 28.mar.1761 aged 9 his debut at the Concert Spirituel caused a sensation, 1783 conductor of the Concert Spirituel, 1788 first violin at the Opera-Comique, he had made a serious study and followed classical works of the old Italian and French violinists, his manner was not great but his playing was pure and particularly noticeable for a rare accuracy of intonation, he trained some good pupils, among them Jean Jacques Grasset, 1791 he left France and played at several courts in Germany, 1793-1801 concert master of the Grand Duchy of Oldenburg in Eutin, 1801 he became first violin in the private music of the czar in St Petersburg, a death certificate for Julien Bertheaume died 19.mar.1802 was found in the death registers of Saint Catherine church in St Petersburg, Fetis must have known about it, so it remains a mistery why he called him Isidore

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[] 6 Sonatas. Violin and bc. Paris 1769. op1
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