Berthelemy, Norbert 25.aug.1908-1985 France, Saint-Omer - ?Lievin
bandmaster, studied flute, 1933 as bandmaster of the 5e Regiment d'Infanterie he became bandmater of the 3e Regiment de Tirailleurs Algeriens, 1937 of the 2e Bataillon de Chasseurs a pied, 1.mar.1938 promoted to adjudant and first bandmaster, 27.aug.1940 he was taken prisoner of war, 1946-1960 bandmaster of the 43rd Regiment d'Infanterie de Lille leaving the army as captain, 1950 and 1960 bandmaster of Harmonie des Mines de Lievin where he founded Ecole Municipale de Musique Norbert Berthelemy, bandmaster of Harmonie Municipale de Denain, professor of music history at the Conservatory of Valenciennes

Title Parts

[] Esquisse. Piano
[] Rondo pour rire. 2 Clarinets and bassoon or saxophone
[] Les enfants de Denain. March
[] Marche officielle du 43eme Regiment d'Infanterie de Lille
[] Les Musiciens de la Mine. Film score. 1950
director Jean-Jacques Mehu
music by Harmonie des Mines de Lievin

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