Bertin, Jean Honore (known as Bertin Dilloy) ?1768-1843 France, ? - Versailles
bass singer, was at first a choirboy, 25.nov.1792 opera debut in Castor et Pollux at l'Opera Paris, 1795 appointed first bass at l'Opera and remained in this capacity until his retirement 1.jan.1817, 4.sep.1798 he sang in Ode sur le 18 Fructidor by Luigi Cherubini in Paris, 1804 he sang in the Te Deum by Pierre Desvignes at the Notre-Dame in Paris, 15.aug.1815 he sang in Litanies by Francesco Durante at the Chapelle of Louis XVIII, his name is engraved on the monument of Reicha at cimetiere du Pere-Lachaise 203 in Paris

Title Parts

[] Arvire et Evelina. Opera. l'Opera, Paris 1820
he arranged the music in two acts for the reprise in 1820
arrangement of the 3-act opera by Antonio Sacchini, completed by Jean Baptiste Rey, first performed 29apr1788 at l'Opera Paris

[] (details unknown). Masses and motets

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