Bertin dit Bertini, Gabriel Jerome 1745-16.dec.1819 France, Lyon - Belgium, Brussel Ixelles
pianist, choirmaster, choirboy in the Maitrise de la Cathedrale de Tours, choirmaster at Collegiale du Mans, 1780 active in Lyon, 1789 settled as teacher piano and singing in Paris, 1793-1799 active in London, 1799 returned to Paris, 1810-1811 he made concert tours with his son Henri in Belgium, Netherlands and Germany ; grandson of composer Servais Bertin ; 24.nov.1778 at Saint-Pierre in Lyon he married Madeleine Allard ; son composer Auguste Bertini ; 1783 in Paris he married Marie Louise Pauline Guedon (1764-6.aug.1831 Amsterdam) ; son composer Henri Bertini

Title Parts

[] (details unknown). Masses and motets composed and in mss in Le Mans
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