Bertram, Madge (fem) 8.nov.1879-?1957 Scotland, Edinburgh - Edinburgh
pianist, received her first musical education from her father, studied harmony with John Charles Grieve in Edinburg, studied piano with Madame Kruger (pupil of Clara Schumann) in Dresden Germany and Franz Georg Orosz in Edinburgh, self-taught in composition, music teacher, press critic and 1926 music publisher in Edinburgh, director of the Edinburgh Repertory Theatre Ltd., 1931-1932 residing at 30 Alva Street in Edinburgh, 1933-1940 residing at 6 South Castle Street in Edinburgh, 1941-1957 at 47 Clermiston Road in Edinburgh, no longer in the city directories after 1957 ; daughter of bandmaster, theater and concert agent James Bertram ; she never married

Title Parts

[] La Crepuscule. Pas seul. Piano
pub West & Co., London 1915

[] Queen Mary. Song
her dedication was accepted by H. M. Queen Mary
words H. Hannah
pub Paterson & Sons, Edinburgh 1915

[] A shaded rose. Song
words P. Smith
pub West & Co., London 1916

[] A wee bit hoose o' my ain. Song
words H. Hannah
pub Paterson & Sons, Edinburgh 1916

[] Bon camaraderie. Waltz. Piano
pub West & Co., London 1916

[] Cradle song
pub M. Bertram, Edinburgh 1925

[] A Highland mother's lament. Song
words W. Saunders, Gaelic translation N. Shaw
pub M. Bertram, Edinburgh 1926

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