Bertram, Michael 21.feb.1935-27.oct.2021 England, ?Sheffield - Australia, Melbourne
pianist, brought-up by a wealthy foster mother whose married name he adopted, 1943-1948 choral scholar and choir singer at Lichfield Cathedral, 1948 admitted as piano student at the Royal Academy of Music in London, 1949-1952 studied at the boarding school for boys Ottershaw School in Ottershaw Surrey where he gave piano concertos at the Saturday Evening Entertainments and formed a musical group, 1952 residing with his foster parents at Alderley Cottage in Coggins Mill Mayfield Sussex, 28.feb.1952 emigrated with his foster parents from London to Perth Australia, studied piano with Rex Hobcroft and Stephen Dornan in Perth and with Roy Shepherd in Melbourne, regular concert pianist for ABC radio in Perth and Melbourne, 1958 obtained a Licentiate in Music Australia (LMusA), 1973 studied composition with Felix Werder and Peter Tahourdin in Melbourne, 2010 running a music consulting business in Melbourne ; foster son of Irene W Richards Bertram Lewis (1903-) who married 1933 in Sheffield Henry L Bertram and 1949 in Wandsworth Surrey cafe proprietor Thomas Llewellynn Lewis (1903-)

Title Parts

[] Sonatina. Piano. 1977. op2
Trevor Barnard. Divine Art 25017

[] Magnificat and Nunc dimittis. 1982
[] 5 Pieces. Piano. 1984. op9
Trevor Barnard. Divine Art 25017
[] 1 - Remelia, a mythical kingdom
[] 2 - Inegu, a slightly knowing ingenuousness
[] 3 - Kinetic, an endless energy source
[] 4 - Violet, a formidable lady
[] 5 - Iconoclast, the breaker of idols
[] Fantaisie-Sonata. Piano. 1999
Michael Kieran Harvey. Move Records MD 3407

[] String quartet. 2000
[] Mass. Soloists, choir, organ and cello. 2002
[] Te Deum laudamus. Soloists, mixed choir and harpsichord. 2013
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