Bertuch (Bertouch), Karl Volkmar c1730-c1782 Germany, Erfurt - Berlin
organist, studied organ with Jakob Adlung in Erfurt, 1764 organist of the Petrikirche in Berlin, 1772 Dr. Burney heard Bertuch and said he was the most skilful organist in Berlin and that he improvised very well, 1777 he visited his birthplace Erfurt for the last time, back in Berlin he became insane and died in that state, Gerber 1790 said he was one of the most important organists of this time, Fetis said he died 1790

Title Parts

[] Komm sanfter schlaf
in Rellstab's Clavier-Magazin fur kenner und liebhaber 1787

(details unknown) several more compositions in the possession of Johann Carl Friedrich Rellstab (Berlin 1759-1813 Berlin) in 1787
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