Bervon, John Bladder Inglis 1837-18.dec.1890 England, Birmingham - Staffordshire, Shelton near Hanley
bass singer, organist, 1861 principal bass at St Andrew's Wells Street London, 1866-1872 organist of the Parish Church in Aberystwith Wales, 1873 of the Parish Church in Welshpool, 1875-1880 of St Mary's in Stafford, 1876-1888 teacher of music and singing in Hanley

Title Parts

[] Hear O Lord when I cry with my voice. 1864
[] Andante in E. Organ. 1871
[] Welcome ever, welcome friends
words P. F. Smallwood
pub W. Marshall & Co., London 1882

[] Psalm & Hymn tunes, Chants & Responses and Offertory. Sentences
pub Simpson & Co., London 1877

[] Inglis Bervon's 201 chants, specially composed for the psalms and canticles. 1884
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