Besozzi (Bezozzi), Girolamo I 17.apr.1704-28.may.1778 Italy, Parma - Turin
bassoonist, oboist ; brother of Alessandro II ; nephew of Alessandro I

[MGG 1999 and Grove 2002 give Paolo Girolamo]
[Fetis gives born 1713]
[Schilling confused him with Girolamo II and gives died Paris 1786]

Title Parts

[] Sonata in B. Bassoon and bc
Paolo Tognon bassoon, Paola Frezzato bassoon, Pietro Bosna cello, Pietro Posser theorbo, Roberto Loreggian harpsichord. Tactus 691301

[] 6 Sonatas. 2 Violins and cello. Paris. op1
composed with Alessandro II

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