Beutler, Franz 1787-21.mar.1852 Germany, Munchen - Berlin
violinist, pianist, early in youth he learned to play piano, received the first lessons on the violin from Joseph Leopold Holzbauer, received his higher education from the concertmaster Joseph Moralt and the court musician Franz Schemenauer, from Munchen he went to Vienna where he spent half a year studying piano with Leopold Kozeluch, 1818 pianist of the Koniglich Baierische Kapelle in Munchen, 1823 director of the music academy in Bern Switzerland, also active in Zurich and 1825-1833 director of music in Lausanne, c1829-1845 violinist at the Opern-Kapelle and 1830-1850 teacher of singing at the Konigliche Theatergesangschule in Berlin

Title Parts

[] Pot-Pourri. Piano. op2
pub Falter, Munchen

[] 6 Variations and coda. Piano. op4
pub Sidler, Munchen

[] 6 Variations and rondo on an original theme. Piano. op6
pub Falter, Munchen 1819

[] Grand Potpourri. Piano. op7
pub Falter, Munchen

[] Grand Potpourri. Piano. op12
pub Falter, Munchen

[] 3 Gesellschaftslieder. 4 Mannerstimmen. op13
pub Breitkopf und Hartel, Leipzig 1831
[] 1 - Die Lebensfahrt
[] 2 - Ohne frohsinn frohlich seyn
[] 3 - Gute Nacht
[] Pot-Pourri on a theme from Dame blanche. Piano and orchestra. op14
pub Breitkopf und Hartel, Leipzig 1831

[] Grand Potpourri sur un theme favorit de l'opera Dame blanche. Violin and orchestra. op15
pub Breitkopf und Hartel, Leipzig 1831

[] Grand potpourri sur un theme de l'opera Le Barbier. op28
[] Ouverture zum Schweizer Musikfest in Lausanne. Orchestra. 1827
[] Overture on a french air "O ma Patrie". Orchestra. 1829
[] Delassement apres l'etude, contenant 6 walse avec trio. Pianoforte a 4 mains
pub Grobenschutz und Sohn, Berlin 1831

[] Allegretto poco andante. Piano
pub Grobenschutz, Berlin

[] Allegro poco andantino. Piano
pub Schubert, Hamburg

[] Der Kirchhof. 1 Singstimme mit pianoforte
pub Sidler, Munchen

[] 9 Lieder. 1 Singstimme mit pianoforte
pub Falter, Munchen

[] Menuet brillante. Piano
pub Hinrichs, Leipzig

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