Bevan, James 5.dec.1868-10.feb.1946 England, Sunderland Monkwearmouth - Sunderland
organist, grew up in Sunderland Bishopwearmouth, 1890 studied art while his 2 year younger brother Andrew was already a professor of music, 1900 as professor of music residing at 2 Chatsworth Street in Bishopwearmouth, 11.jun.1907 Mendelssohn's Hymn of Praise was performed in Bishopwearmouth Church by a well balanced choir of ninety voices under the conductorship of James Bevan and full orchestra led by Andrew Bevan, 1911 art master at the Municipal School of Art in Sunderland, 1911-1946 residing at 38 Ewesley Road, 1911 Andrew was boarding with him ; son of composer John Petman Bevan (Sunderland 1834-1898 Sunderland) and Isabella Brown (Sunderland 1834-1900 Sunderland) ; 26.apr.1892 he married Elizabeth 'Lizzie' Blackburn Bell (Durham, Cleadon 1871-1935 Sunderland)

Title Parts

[] Theme for the organ
pub Robert Cocks & Co., London 1899
ms British Library, St Pancras London

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