Bevan, John Petman bap.26.oct.1834-14.jan.1898 England, Sunderland Monkwearmouth - Sunderland Bishopwearmouth
professor of music, 26.oct.1834 baptized at St Peter in Monkwearmouth, 1850 residing with his parents at Broad Street in Monkwearmouth, 1858-1860 as hairdresser residing at 2 George Street in Monkwearmouth, 1870 as hairdresser and musician residing at 26 Sheepfolds in Monkwearmouth, 1880-1898 as professor of music and teacher of music residing at 28 Blandford Street in Bishopwearmouth ; son of hairdresser Charles Bevan (Henly-on-Thames 1811-1860 Durham) and Mary Ann Nichol (Monkwearmouth 1812-1853 Durham) ; 17.nov.1853 in Sunderland he married Isabella Brown (Sunderland 1834-1900 Sunderland) ; son composer James Bevan ; son professor of music Andrew Bevan

Title Parts

[] Dreams of the past. Song
words A. Hancock
music J. P. Bevan
pub Ransford & Son, London 1892
ms British Library, St Pancras London

[] Mon Idee waltzes. Pianoforte
music J. H. P. Bevan - ? John Petman Bevan
pub Dresden 1880
ms British Library, St Pancras London

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