Beyer, Frantz Diecke Cappelen 9.may.1851-10.nov.1918 Norway, Bergen - Oslo
barrister in Bergen, studied music with Edvard Grieg and was one of his closest friends, for many years director/conductor of Harmonien in Bergen ; son of Morten F S Beyer (Bergen 8.jul.1822-27.mar.1880 Bergen) and Kirsten Christine Jeanette Cappelen (Hurum 1.may.1827-15.may.1851 Bergen) ; 16.may.1877 in Oslo he married Anne Marie Smith (Molde 31.jan.1852-15.mar.1920 Bergen) ; they had one adopted child Sverre Solberg

Title Parts

[] 6 Sanger. op2 [] 3 - Host. words Frantz Beyer
[] 5 - Millom rosor. words Kristofer Janson
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