Beyer, Frederick Hunt 3.dec.1926-26.jul.2001 USA Illinois, Chicago - North Carolina, Greensboro
studied with Otto Luening and Jack Beeson at Columbia University in New York, with John Boda at Florida State University, 1965 received the Ostwald Band Composition award, 1966 professor at Greensboro College, 1976 residing at 5308 Wayne Road and 1981-1985 at 5006 Forest Oaks Drive Greensboro, 1984 music director Eastern Music Festival ; son of Hugo R Beyer (Poland 1888-1958 Florida, Daytona Beach) and Jewel Gordon (Chicago 30.nov.1899-13.jun.1990 Illinois, Glenview)

Title Parts

[] Overture. Band
Ostwald Band Composition award 1965

[] Symphony for band. 1967
[] Symphony no3 "Vision of time and the river". 1978
[] Dance of the veils. Orchestra
[] Conversations. Brass trio
[] Enantiodromia High
Kronos Quartet. David Harrington, John Sherba, Hank Dutt, Joan Jeanrenaud. Reference Recordings 09

[] Man with the blue guitar. Choir and piano
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