Beyer, Johanna Magdalena (fem) 11.jul.1888-9.jan.1944 Germany, Leipzig - USA NY, New York
studied piano and theory in Germany, 24.apr.1911 traveled from Essen to the USA, settling as bookkeeper in Manhattan, 14.nov.1923 emigrated from Essen to the USA, settling in East Orange NJ, 1928 teacher's certificate from the Mannes School in New York, studied privately with Dane Rudhyar, Crawford, Charles Seeger and composition with Henry Cowell, 7.sep.1930 returned from a visit to Germany to the USA Long Island City, 1930 music teacher in New York residing with her niece Frieda Kastner at 44th Street, 1937-1941 secretary and assistant to Henry Cowell while he was at San Quentin prison ; she never married

Title Parts

Dissonant counterpoint VI. Piano
Sarah Cahill. New Albion 114

[] String quartet no1. 1934
[] Ballad of the star eater. Soprano and clarinet. 1934
[] Summer grass. Soprano and clarinet. 1934
[] String quartet no2. 1936
[] Sonata. Clarinet and piano. 1936
[] Have faith. Soprano and flute. 1937
[] March for 30 percussion. 1939
[] Waltz. 1939
[] Symphony. 1939. op3
[] Percussion. 1939. op14
[] Symphony. 1940. op5
[] Status Quo. Opera
[] Music of the spheres. Strings or electrical instruments
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