Bidgood, Thomas 7.oct.1858-1.mar.1925 England, London Woolwich - London Tottenham (suicide)
military bandmaster, professor of music, in his youth studied violin and clarinet and aged 14 played horn in the 9th Kent Artillery Volunteers, 1870 studied violin and harmony at the Royal Conservatory of Music in London, he was rewarded prizes at the Stratford Music Festival (1885) and bronze (1885), silver (1886) and gold (1888) medals at the London Academy of Music, bandmaster of the Becton Gas Works band, led his own band of professional musicians, 1885-1905 bandmaster of the 4th Battalion Voluteers Essex Regiment, private teacher of music, among his violin pupils was the daughter of the Duchess of Sunderland, after long suffering from insomnia and nervous debility he committed suicide by gas ; 25.oct.1879 in Greenwich Kent he married Emily Louise Moore (Woolwich 1861-27.jan.1939 London) with whom he lived until c1905 ; son Albert Thomas (West Ham 30.nov.1883-) ; from 1890 he had a relation and from c1905 lived unmarried as husband and wife with music teacher Rosetta Ann Casselden (London Bromley 13.aug.1871-) ; illegitimate sons Thomas Walter (Essex, Stratford 1.jul.1896-), Henry James (Stratford 28.aug.1898-) and Warwick John (London 27.mar.1914-) ; 27.feb.1916 he made his will leaving all to his 'wife' Rosetta Casselden but it was granted 29.aug.1927 to his widow Emily Louise Moore

Title Parts

Sons of the brave. March. Fanfare orchestra
composed after the outbreak of the Second Boer War in South Africa 1899
pub Hawkes, London 1899

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