Blackbourne, G Frank 1840-aft.1911 England Worcestershire, ?Worcester - ?, ?
unidentified, actor, director of comedy companies, he used the pseudonym Victor Beraud for his musical compositions, 11.may.1883 he played in 'His Wife' and 'Mary Warner' at Theatre Royal in Brighton, 1.may.1884 in James Albery's 'Duty' at the Globe Theatre London, 6.aug.1887 Mr. G. F. Blackbourne's 'Turned Up' Company performed Mark Melford's farcical comedy 'Turned Up' at the Colchester Theatre Essex after a very successful run at the Royalty Theatre London, 29.oct.1887 he produced 'Turned Up' and 'Blackberries' at the Theatre Royal in Worcester, 1888 he communicated via the musical journals 'The Era' and 'The Stage', 30.nov.1888 Mr. G. F. Blackbourne's Co. performed 'A Woman's Truth' at the Gaiety Theatre in London, 3.may.1889 he played in 'A Highland Legacy' at the Comedy Theatre in Manchester

Title Parts

[] Petite reine. Berceuse. Piano. 1882. op24
pub Wilcocks & Co., London 1882
arranged for piano and violin by Edgar Elgar (1857-1934)
pub Wilcocks & Co., London 1907
Marat Bisengaliev, Benjamin Frith. Black Box 1047
[arranged in 1886 by Edward Elgar for performance by his brother Frank at the Worcester Glee Club, 23 Mar 1886 Edward Elgar wrote to Blackbourne: "Please consider the arrangement entirely your own property" and Blackbourne sold the arrangement to Willcocks & Co. in 1907]

[] Petite suite pour piano. op23
as Victor Beraud
pub Schott & Co., London 1907
[] 1 - Menuet
[] 2 - Gavotte
[] 3 - Gigue
[] Primroses and violets. Song
words and music G. F. Blackbourne
pub Weekes & Co., London 1883

[] Souvenir tendre. Idylle. Piano
pub Forsyth Brothers, Manchester 1907

[] Jour de Mai. Esquisse pour piano
as Victor Beraud
pub E. Ashdown, London 1908

[] Chansonette joyeuse. Morceau d'entracte. Piano
pub Metzler & Co., London 29aug1911

[] How wondrous fair
pub Wilcocks & Co., London b1908

[] Norali. Piano
as Victor Beraud
pub Wilcocks & Co., London

[] Le Printemps. Piano
as Victor Beraud
pub Wilcocks & Co., London

[] Serena. Piano
as Victor Beraud
pub Wilcocks & Co., London

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