Blackmar, Armand Edward 30.may.1826-28.oct.1888 USA Vermont, Bennington - Louisiana, New Orleans
violinist, pianist, publisher, at an early age he moved with his parents to Cleveland Ohio, 1845 graduated from Western Reserve College in Hudson Ohio, 1845-1852 music teacher and leading bands in Huntsville Alabama, 1852-1855 in Jackson Louisiana, 1859 together with his brother Henry he bought a music shop in Vicksburg Mississippi, 1860 they employed Edward O Eaton as music teacher and G E Chadwick as piano tuner, 1860-1888 music dealer and publisher in New Orleans, wrote and published many Confederate war songs using the pseudonyms A Noir and Armand, 1865-1869 his music and piano shop was at 167 Canal Street, 1876 with T J Finney at 174 Canal Street, 1880 for a short time music and piano dealer at 722 Bush Street in San Francisco ; son of farmer Reuben Harmon Blackmar (Vermont, Rupert 11.aug.1793-3.mar.1862 Ohio, Cleveland) and Almanda Cushman (NY, Hartford 16.feb.1798-10.dec.1847 Cleveland) ; 1861 in New Orleans he married Margaret Meare (Ohio 1839-) ; children Louisiana Rebe (New Orleans 22.apr.1862-), Edward N (New Orleans 1864-) and Estelle (New Orleans 1866-) ; brother of composer Henry Clay Blackmar

Title Parts

[] God and our rights "To the friends of southern independence". Voice, choir, piano, guitar. 1861
[] The southron's chaunt of defiance. Civil War song. Vocal quartet and piano
words by a Kentucky lady (Catherine Anne Warfield)
pub A. E. Blackmar & Bro., New Orleans 1861

[] Dixie war song. Civil War song. Voice, vocal quartet and piano
dedication To the boys in Virginia
words H. S. Stanton, music Daniel Decatur Emmett, arr by A. Noir
pub Blackmar & Bro., New Orleans and Augusta Georgia 1861

[] God and our rights. Civil War song. Voice, vocal quartet and piano
words William M. Johnston, music A. E. Blackmar
pub A. E. Blackmar & Bro., New Orleans 1861

[] The Beauregard Manassas quickstep. Piano
words W. H. Leeson, music A. Noir
pub Blackmar & Bro., Augusta Georgia 1861

[] The southern marseillaise. Voice and piano
tune from the Marseillaise
Claude Joseph Rouget de Lisle, arr for piano A. E. Blackmar
pub Blackmar & Bro., Augusta, Georgia 1862

[] Washington artillery polka march. Piano
arr A. E. Blackmar
pub Blackmar & Bro., Augusta Georgia 1864

[] Stuart! Song
words Mrs. Henry J. Vose
pub Blackmar, New Orleans 1864

[] Wearing of the grey. Civil War song. Voice and piano
words Georgius, melody of the Irish tune Wearing of the green, arr by Armand
pub A. E. Blackmar, New Orleans 1865

[] Those dark eyes. Song
music Armand
pub A. E. Blackmar, New Orleans 1865

[] Bright eyes glistening. Piano
pub A. E. Blackmar, New Orleans 1869

[] The sword of Robert E. Lee. Song
words Abram Joseph Ryan
pub J. L. Peters, New York 1869

[] Farewell Marie. Song. Voice, guitar and piano
words A. J. Reynolds
pub Junius Hart, New Orleans 1883

[] The cross of the South. Song
words Henry St George Tucker

[] That bugler. Song
[] For Bales. Song
[] Tribute to Carolina. Song
[] Sons of the South, awake to glory. Song
tune adapted from the Marseillaise

[] My southern, sunny home (W. S. Hayes). Song and chor with guitar
music by A. E. Blackman (misprint for A. E. Blackmar)
pub Oliver Ditson, Boston

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