Blackmar, Henry Clay jan.1831-18.jun.1909 USA Vermont, Dorset - Louisiana, New Orleans
music dealer, publisher, at an early age he moved with his parents to Cleveland Ohio, 1859 together with his brother Armand he bought a music shop in Vicksburg Mississippi, 1860 they employed Edward O Eaton as music teacher and G E Chadwick as piano tuner, 1860-1909 music teacher, music dealer and publisher in New Orleans, 1861-1866 also had a music shop in Augusta Georgia, 1886 his music shop was at 230 St Charles Street New Orleans, 1890 music teacher at 221 Canal Street, 1900 at 2301 Baronne Street and 1908 at 1846 Baronne Street New Orleans ; son of farmer Reuben Harmon Blackmar (Vermont, Rupert 11.aug.1793-3.mar.1862 Ohio, Cleveland) and Almanda Cushman (NY, Hartford 16.feb.1798-10.dec.1847 Cleveland) ; brother of composer Armand Edward Blackmar

Title Parts

[] Practical Banjo Method I, II & III. H. C. Blackmar
pub H. C. Blackmar, New Orleans Louisiana 1883

[] Eleven styles of guitar accompaniments in 10 major and minor keys
pub S. S. Stewart, Philadelphia c1885

[] Maria mazurka. 2 Banjos and guitar or piano
music F. J. Navarro, arr Henry Clay Blackmar (the only publication under his full name)
pub Henry C. Blackmar, New Orleans 1886

[] Lamentos valse. Sonando. Piano. op181
music Narciso Martinez, arr H. C. Blackmar
pub Junius Hart, New Orleans 1888

[] Dreaming mazurka. Sonando. Piano. op182
music Narciso Martinez, arr H. C. Blackmar
pub Junius Hart, New Orleans 1888

[] Reign of the roses. Waltz. Mandolin and piano or guitar. op195
music H. C. Blackmar
pub Hamilton S. Gordon, New York

[] Roses from the south. Waltz. Mandolin and piano. op196
pub Hamilton S. Gordon, New York

[] Santiago. Valse espagnole. 2 Mandolins and guitar. op207
[] Love's dream after the ball. Waltz. 2 Mandolins and guitar. op208
pub Hamilton S. Gordon, New York

[] Anvil. Polka. Banjo
pub Joseph W. Stern & Co., New York

[] Blue Alsatian mountains. Banjo
pub Joseph W. Stern & Co., New York

[] Blue bells of Scotland. Banjo
pub Joseph W. Stern & Co., New York

[] De boatman's dance. Banjo song
pub Joseph W. Stern & Co., New York

[] Boccaccio. Serenade. Guitar and banjo
pub Joseph W. Stern & Co., New York

[] Carry me back to old Virginia. Banjo song
[] Dandy Jim of Caroline. Banjo song
[] Danube River. Banjo song
[] Emmett's Lullaby. Banjo song
[] Twenty-two exercises in rhvthm. Banjo
[] Nineteen exercises in rhythm. Banjo
[] Sixteen exercises for learning notes. Guitar
[] Ten exercises. Guitar
[] Six exercises on open strings. Banjo
[] Exhibits of various chords. Banjo
[] Fleurette. Polka. Banjo
[] Hamburg. Mazurka. Banjo
[] Hu Jig. Banjo
[] In the gloaming. Banjo song
[] Life on the ocean wave. Banjo
[] Little Maggie May. Banjo
[] Les Marionnettes. Polka. 2 Guitars
[] La Mascotte. Banjo
[] Mia Bella. Waltz. 2 Mandolins and guitar
pub Oliver Ditson, Boston

[] The mill wheel. Banjo song
[] Modjeska waltzes. Banjo
[] Mollie put the kettle on. Banjo
[] Oh! How delightful. Banjo song
[] Over the garden wall. Banjo
[] Practical Guitar Method I & II
[] Rosa Lee. Banjo song
[] Thirty scale exercises. Guitar
[] Shower of roses. Galop. Banjo
[] Skirt dance. Banjo and piano
pub Hamilton S. Gordon, New York

[] Spanish fandango. Banjo
[] Springtime schottische
pub Brainard's Sons Co., Chicago

[] Streabog's polka mazurka. Banjo
[] Tink-a-Tink. Collection of duets. Guitar and piano
also published for Mandolin and piano, Mandolin and guitar, Banjo and piano, 2 Guitars, 2 Mandolins, 2 Banjos, Banjeaurine and banjo
pub National Music Co., Chicago
[] 1 - Polka
[] 2 - Waltz
[] 3 - Redowa
[] 4 - Galop
[] 5 - Schottische
[] 6 - Polka-Mazurka
[] We'd belter bide a wee. Banjo song
[] The white daisy. Banjo song
[] Wst, wst, wst. Banjo
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