Blake, Ranney 'Ran' B 20.apr.1935- USA Massachusetts, Springfield
jazz pianist, 1960 BA from Bard College, studied at Columbia University, 1957-1960 at the School of Jazz in Lenox Massachusetts, studied privately with Ray Cassarino, Willie Laurence James, Oscar Peterson, Mary Lou Williams, Mal Waldron, William Russo and Gunther Schuller, 1957-1959 organized the Bard Jazz Festivals, 20.sep.1964 debuted at New York Town Hall, 1965 won first prize in Germany for outstanding pop-jazz of the year, 1958-1960 music critic in New York, 1968 on the faculty of New England Conservatory, 1976 residing at 25 St Stephen Street and 1983 at 290 Huntington Avenue in Boston

Title Parts

[L] Horace-Scope. Piano
Ran Blake. Hatology 550

[] Wende. 1948
[] Vanguard. 1953
[] Breakthru. 1959
[] Thursday. 1959
[] Arline. 1963
[] Touch of evil. 1980
[] Garden of delight. 1980
[] Three seeds
[] The blue potato
[] The marriage of oppression in third-stream realizations. Pianist and 3 narrators. Boston 12apr1971
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