Bloom, Steve Ruben 'Rube' 24.apr.1902-30.mar.1976 USA NY, New York Manhattan - New York Manhattan
jazz pianist, songwriter, jewish, aged 17 accompanist to vaudeville singers, leader own jazz recording orchestra, editor for music publishers, made recordings with Bix Beiderbecke, Miff Mole, Frank Trumbauer and the Dorsey Brothers, collaborators were Johnny Mercer, Harry Ruby, Ted Koehler, Sammy Gallop, Harry Woods and Mitchell Parish, 1955 toured Europe with US government sponsored ASCAP group, buried at Beth David Cemetery in Elmont Nassau County NY ; son of shoe factory worker Abraham M Bloom (Russia, Kovno/Kaunas 1875-) and Fanny J (Russia, Krina 1877-) who divorced c1928

Title Parts

[L] Silhouette. Piano. 1927
Alan Feinberg. Argo 44457-2

[] Soliloquy. Piano. 1926
[] Song of the Bayou. 1928
[] Blackbirds. Revue. 1936
[] Suite of moods
[] Sapphire
[] Spring fever
[] Serenata
[] Penthouse serenade
[] Truckin'. Song
[] Don't worry 'bout me. Song
[] Out in the cold again. Song
[] Big man from the South. Song
[] Stay on the right side sister. Song
[] Day in, day out. Song
[] Fools rush in. Song
[] Jumping Jack. Song
[] I wish I could tell you. Song
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