Blumenthal, Maurice E 1.oct.1894-21.nov.1955 USA Nebraska, Lincoln - England, London Westminster
jewish lawyer, 1915 he was known as an entertainer of the jewish community in Douglas Arizona, 1914- 1917 studied law at Stanford University Palo Alto California, 1916-1917 conductor of the Stanford University Orchestra and the University Band, 1915-1922 residing in Douglas, 1920 lawyer in Douglas, unknown whether he remained active as amateur musician during his life as lawyer but he does not seem to have publish any more music, 1930-1931 as attorney residing at 6336 Orange Street Beverly Hills Los Angeles, 1935-1942 as attorney residing with wife Rose at 354 North Detroit Street Los Angeles, 1952-1955 residing with wife Freda at 9400 Cresta Drive Los Angeles, he died of a heart attack at the Savoy Hotel in London while on a visit to England with his wife Freda ; of Polish parentage ; 1919 in Douglas he married Rose Horwitz (Tennessee, Nashville 3.dec.1896-26.dec.1947 Los Angeles)

Title Parts

[] The Stentor. March. Piano
music Maurice Blumenthal, arranged by Eldon Spofford
copyright Maurice Blumenthal, Camp Cary California 13aug1914
pub W. A. Quincke & Co., Los Angeles 1914

[] Arizona march song. Anthem. 1915
words Margaret Rowe Clifford (Canada 1845 / 1921 widow of carpenter Geralson W. Clifford in Douglas Arizona)
pub Hatch Music Co., Philadelphia Pennsylvania 1915
adopted as State song for Arizona 28 February 1919

[] The College Prince. Opera. Assembley Hall, Stanford University 26mar1915
libretto Milton A. Hagen
"a dazzling success, more than a mere amateur triumph"

[] I want to be as good a man as dad. Civil War (1861-1865) song
words Ed. C. Bradford
copyright Ed. C. Bradford and Maurice Blumenthal, Douglas Arizona 22aug1916
pub W. A. Quincke & Co., Los Angeles California 1916

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