Bootz, Erwin 30.jun.1907-27.dec.1982 Germany, Stettin - Hamburg
1928-1935 pianist and arranger of the Comedian Harmonists

Title Parts

[P] Veronika der lenz ist da. 5 Voices and piano
music Walter Jurmann, lyrics Fritz Rotter
Comedian Harmonists. Ari Leschnikoff t, Erich Collin t, Harry Frommermann t, Roman Cycowski bt, Robert Biberti b, Erwin Bootz piano. r1930

[P] Wochenend und sonnenschein (Happy days are here again). 5 Voices and piano
music Milton Ager, lyrics Jack Yellen
Comedian Harmonists. r1930

[P] Creole love call. Vocal 'instruments'
music Duke Ellington
Comedian Harmonists. r1933

[P] Auf wiedersehen my dear. 5 Voices and piano
Comedian Harmonists. r1936

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