Borden, David Russell 25.dec.1938- USA Massachusetts, Boston
pianist, keyboard player, studied with Klaus George Roy at Boston University, 1961 BM and 1962 MM with Louis Mennini, Bernard Rogers and Howard Hanson from the Eastman School of Music New York City, 1963-1967 MA from Harvard University in Cambridge Massachusetts, 1965 with Boris Blacher at the Hochschule fur Musik in Berlin, 1966 with Wolfgang Fortner and Gunther Schuller at Tanglewood in Lenox Massachusetts, privately with Jimmy Giuffre, Jaki Byard and Robert Moog, 1969 organized Mother Mallard's live electronics group, 1974 started the record label Earthquack and Lameduck Publishing, 1982 residing in Ithaca NY

Title Parts

[N] Cloudscape for Peggy. Synthesisers. 1970
from Album Portable Masterpiece Co. Cuneiform
Mother Mallard. Linda Fisher, David Borden, Steve Drews

[N] Cage II. Synthesisers. 1972
for the 60th birthday of Cage, based on the notes C-A-G-E
Mother Mallard. Judy Borsher, David Borden, Steve Drews

[] Concertino. Piano and orchestra. 1960
[] The force. Soprano and orchestra. 1962
[] Trudymusic. Piano and orchestra. 1967
[] All-American. Band. 1967
[] Variations. Orchestra. 1968
[] Counterpoint. Harp, cello and flute. 1978
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