Bortolazzi, Bartolomeo 3.mar.1772-1820 Italy (Republic of Venice), Toscolano - Austria, Vienna
mandolinist, guitarist, 1790 toured with other musicians the cities of northern Italy and France, c1793 he went to Vienna Austria where he performed and studied composition with Colo di Riva, 1800-1802 he stayed in London where he learned to play the guitar, after a stay in Vienna he toured Germany, 1803 performing on mandolin in Dresden, 1804 in Leipzig, Braunschweig and Berlin, 1805 he settled in Vienna as teacher and composer disappearing into oblivion, according to Andrea Valentini in 'Musicisti bresciani e il Teatro Grande' he left Vienna in 1820 for America and died by shipwreck with his wife and his only son ; c1794 in Toscolano he married Margherita Leonardi ; son Giacomo Giuseppe (Toscolano 29.mar.1796-) who accompanied his father at his German tour playing the guitar, he was known as Bartolomeo the younger

Title Parts

[] Variazioni su "Nel cor piu non mi sent". Mandolin and guitar. op8
Sergio Zigiotti, Fabiano Merlante. Stadivarius Tactus 781603

[] Tema con variazioni per mandolino e chitarra. op10
Ensemble Baschenis. Stradivarius Ducale 036

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